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Transition into Affinity Supporting People

People come from all different background and we feel that it is vital to offer support through the transition period to ensure it’s the best thing for you or your loved one.



Affinity Supporting People works closely with a number of agencies including the NHS, Lancashire County Council and other authorities. When someone chooses Affinity as their potential new service it is important to go through the transition period to ensure they are going be fulfilled and that Affinity can offer the services they require.


Each person we support will take a different amount of time to go through the transition period, for some people it takes only a couple of months and for others it can take a number of months. We always start by meeting the person looking for services in a location where they feel confident and comfortable, such as their home, a family member’s home or a respite facility. This initial meeting is informal and is just an opportunity to meet us and find out more about Affinity.


At the initial stage we work with the person receiving services and their circle of support to discuss and make an informal transition plan. These plans may include a short visit to look around the person's new home, a lunch visit to meet some of the other tenants, a teatime visit and also an overnight stay at the person's new home. During the transistion the assessment process will continue to ensure that Affinity has the requirements to fulfil each person’s wishes. We also welcome those important to the person to visit our service during the transition period, which we feel may help to provide reassurance that Affinity is the right service for their loved one.


At no stage within the transition period is anyone committed to our service. At the end of the transition period, should a person wish for Affinity to provide their service, we will discuss what’s worked well and not so well and agree and make a plan together designed to make the move to our Affinity service, as smooth as possible.



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