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Risk Assessment

Positive Risk Management

people with special needsWe are not here to restrict, we are here to support positive risk management.


At Affinity Supporting People our staff are trained to work with people in a proactive way. We want the people we support to tell us what they want to do and achieve in life, so we can find ways to best support them to fulfil their aspirations.


With all decisions we make in life, there can be some risks that we have to take to achieve what we want. An example of this could be buying a contract mobile telephone with an 18 month contract, then the threat of losing your job comes along and therefore the loss of funds to pay for this. It is the same for the people we support, it is important for the people we support to understand the risks in life but we prefer to do this in a planned way using risk assessments to protect the person, with methods of managing things should things not go to plan. When we develop a risk assessment or a care plan we firstly look at what the person can do for themselves, this is very important and this will identify where we need to provide support or observe any changes in a person's mood. We then look at what’s important for them, and what’s important to them (an example could be taking medication, it is important for them that they have the correct medication to maintain good health but it’s important for them to have it in liquid form). We constantly work with care plans and risk assessments which are reviewed to fit with the needs of the person at that specific time.


As the key worker will have the most interaction with the person we support, it is the key worker who will work with the person to ensure that care plans and risk assessments are centred around the person we support and that they are completed accurately and in a timely manner. Care plans and risk assessments are looked upon as an agreed plan with agreed actions and timescales that provide vital information to the person receiving support, their support team and other professionals involved in the person's care and support.



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