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We encourage and support people in employment, education and also other hobbies of interest.

Shane and Stephen at Epcot Centre Florida

Affinity Supporting People has a history of ensuring that people are respected and treated individually to get the most out of their lives, this includes gaining qualifications, getting a job and completing other daily living tasks.


Some of the people we currently support are making great progress in their college studies. We have worked with the local colleges for a number of years to ensure that people we support are supported to access learner support and student services. We have also supported people to attend reviews and to showcases that people have been involved with.  Our most recent celebration was with Shane a young gentleman who receives services from Affinity, Shane has successfully completed a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts with Accrington and Rossendale College.


Shane said “I loved it at college, people said I could not do it but I have proved them wrong and when I have needed to be supported my staff have helped me.  I want to go on and do a higher level course but I need to carry on learning my English and Maths first”


Stephen Penketh – Registered Manager said “I have worked closely with Shane for a number of years and this is an amazing achievement for Shane, the staff have supported him to college on a daily basis and this has given Shane an aim and something to work towards.  Shane has a great character and I know that once he is using this qualification he will be a great credit to himself and others who know him."


We also support people to do both paid and voluntary work within the local community, Paul a gentleman who lives in his own studio flat with support has been working for over 5 years as a part time domestic assistance.  Paul’s confidence when he first started receiving services was quite low and he was unsure about doing some tasks within his own home.  In the last 6 years we have watched him grow into a very independent and self sufficient man who works, cooks, cleans and manages his affairs very well in his own studio flat.


Day to day activities are also supported by Affinity and we use a tool for mapping these out for the forthcoming week to ensure everyone has time to complete important tasks such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, personal banking and financial affairs.  We support people to manage their finances and to ensure that they remain in control of their monies.  We also support people to plan and develop menus for the week ahead and with their shopping lists for buying groceries. 

Shane in front of his graffiti art

Each person has an allocated key worker, this person is 'matched' to ensure that both the person and the key worker are of similar age, have similar interests and also work well together. The person we support and key worker will often work together to plan for bigger events in life such as an annual holiday, a big birthday celebration or to plan for a high valued purchase which will require savings. When we are supporting someone to plan for the future we use tools for this such as a person-centred plan, a map of the year and other visual methods.  As a year can seem a long time in order to keep the goal alive and measurable, we set small goals throughout the year such as booking transport for the trip or making the charts interactive and colour coded.




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