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At Affinity we are proud of the work we do to help those we support live life to the full.

Recently Stuart was supported to plan a holiday – a trip to Blackpool. Here he writes for us about his experiences:

It has been 10 years since I have been on holiday; it’s something I have always wanted to do again but I have never had the opportunity.

My key worker, Carol, helped me to plan all of my holiday. She asked me where I would like to go, what kind of activities I would like to do, how I would like to travel and lots of other things.

I wanted it to be just right, so we looked at brochures and on the internet. After looking at lots of different hotels I chose one that had lots of entertainment in the evenings. (This was one of the things that were a MUST for me when choosing my hotel).

I’m not very good with budgeting so Carol helped me budget my money and we wrote it all down so that I could see what my money was for and how much I needed for each activity.

Before we set off we gathered lots of information for different things to do whilst away, I had lots of choice.

I wrote a list of all the things I would need to pack and the things that I would have to buy new. I loved getting all my new clothes and felt very smart in them.

Before I left I finished my holiday journal and packed my case, I was very excited.

I went to Blackpool by train with Carol, we stayed in a very posh hotel called the Lyndene Hotel. We arrived at 2pm and the sun was very hot, and stayed hot for all my holiday.

At the hotel we had some meals and the food was really good. The live entertainment was my favourite part, I even got some of the singer’s autographs.

We did lots of different things: walked along the pier, visited the sea life centre, wax works and went to Fleetwood market on the tram.

I also played crazy golf with Carol, we had so much fun. I got some of my friends from home some sticks of rock which I gave to them when I got home.

I’m thankful for Carol helping me to go on holiday and would love her to help me again next year. Now I’ve done it once I’ll be more confident in doing some of the planning for next year, I think I would like to stay at the same hotel but go for more days.

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