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Driving Up Quality


At Affinity Supporting People we are committed to ensuring that the people we support are being cared for and supported in a way which is personalised to their needs and wants.  We feel that it is vital to always look at our performance through the vision of others including the people we support, their circles of support and also other health professionals.


We have completed our first self-assessment which looks at the Driving Up Quality Code and reflects our finds based on the 5 key areas


1 Support is focussed on the person.

2 The person is supported to have an ordinary and meaningful life.

3 Care and support focuses on people being happy and having a good quality of life.

4 A good culture is important to the organisation.

5 Managers and board members lead and run the organisation well.


The self-assessment shows what we do well and areas we feel we could make some improvements, how we are going to change these and who will be responsible for these changes. 


You can view our Driving Up Quality Assessment by clicking on the attached PDF document below


To view how the Driving Up Quality Code Works click HERE


The Driving Up Quality Code is a code for providers and commissioners. Signing up is a commitment to driving up quality in services for people with learning disabilities. Click HERE to find out more about the Driving Up Quality initiative. 



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