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My Story by Colin

I had an accident by falling down the stairs in my home that I shared with my family, resulting in an acquired brain injury.


After this I spent time in Rakehead rehabilitation unit in Burnley from January 2011 until June 2013, when I moved into supported living at Affinity Supporting People in Clayton –Le-Moors.


I had limited verbal communication due to aphasia, which I found to be very frustrating. I had a communication file containing visual items to show staff, with some of my needs and other information regarding family.


Initially I was unable to walk unsupported and required two members of staff to help with my mobility which gradually reduced to one staff member whilst in my home.


I am a proud man and declined to go out every time in my wheelchair due to feeling embarrassed. This resulted in me having a bad quality of life and staying indoors most of the time. Eventually I obtained a mobility car which lifted my spirits, but I still felt unhappy and I made it known to staff that I would like to live in my own home and not with other people.


Affinity and its staff supported me to move into my own flat. This was a very positive move for me mentally and physically, my mobility improved and     I began using a walking frame taking positive risks with support from staff.


My pride and determination helped me progress very quickly, unfortunately I became very low in mood which affected my health. I requested a move back to my home town of Blackburn, where I could be closer to my family and friends.


Affinity supported me over several months to search for a property in Blackburn of my choice, I finally found a perfect home very close to my family, and this made me very emotional and also excited.


I moved into my property in June 2016 and am now happier than I have been in years. The staff at Affinity have helped me improve so much and I have requested that Affinity continues to support me, I am very happy with the team.


Everyone who knows me has commented on how far I have come, they say that I am amazing the way I have pushed myself to the limit to improve my mobility and communication.


I no longer use mobility aids apart from handrails on my staircase. I go for long walks with Silvana my support worker and my verbal communication has improved so much.


This is a very memorable and proud time for me.




Stuart’s story - by Stuart



It has been 10 years since I have been on holiday; it’s something I have always wanted to do again but I have never had the opportunity.


My key worker, Carol, helped me to plan all of my holiday. She asked me where I would like to go, what kind of activities I would like to do, how I would like to travel and lots of other things.


I wanted it to be just right, so we looked at brochures and on the internet. After looking at lots of different hotels I chose one that had lots of entertainment in the evenings. (This was one of the things that were a MUST for me when choosing my hotel).


I’m not very good with budgeting so Carol helped me budget my money and we wrote it all down so that I could see what my money was for and how much I needed for each activity.


Before we set off we gathered lots of information for different things to do whilst away, I had lots of choice.


I wrote a list of all the things I would need to pack and the things that I would have to buy new. I loved getting all my new clothes and felt very smart in them.


Before I left I finished my holiday journal and packed my case, I was very excited.


I went to Blackpool by train with Carol, we stayed in a very posh hotel called the Lyndene Hotel. We arrived at 2pm and the sun was very hot, and stayed hot for all my holiday.


At the hotel we had some meals and the food was really good. The live entertainment was my favourite part, I even got some of the singer’s autographs.


We did lots of different things: walked along the pier, visited the sea life centre, wax works and went to Fleetwood market on the tram.


I also played crazy golf with Carol, we had so much fun. I got some of my friends from home some sticks of rock which I gave to them when I got home.


I’m thankful for Carol helping me to go on holiday and would love her to help me again next year. Now I’ve done it once I’ll be more confident in doing some of the planning for next year, I think I would like to stay at the same hotel but go for more days.


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Jack’s story - by Jack's parents  



When our son Jack left school aged 19, we felt it was the right time for him to move on from family life into supported living.


Due to his learning disabilities and unstable epilepsy, Jack has high care needs, so this was a huge and very important decision for all the family.


The team at Affinity have been professional, caring and extremely friendly from the start. With them being based locally, the staff’s knowledge of the area has been very useful.


Ahead of his move, Stephen, Dom and the whole team spent valuable time with our family getting to know us, and familiarising themselves with Jack’s usual routine, likes and dislikes. The team also helped Jack paint his bedroom and spent time with him at his new house until he felt comfortable in his new surroundings.


Dom and the team are brilliant at being Jack’s advocate, making sure his voice is heard and supporting him in making decisions about his life.


Having gone through the most significant change he is likely to experience in his life, it’s been made so much easier and smoother due to all staff members’ experience and professionalism, as they’ve supported not only Jack but his whole family too.


As Jack has significant health problems as well as learning disabilities, it was imperative for us to have the right people around him when he moved into supported living, and by choosing Affinity it has given us peace of mind that Jack is safe, happy and enjoying his new independent life.


Clare and Ged, Jack’s parents



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